It is the belief of the Sterling Heights High School Band that we pursue excellence in all our endeavors. Members of the band consistently create positive habits which allow us to achieve our goals. We believe in excellence in musical performance and therefore arrive prepared, with a positive attitude, and well practiced for all rehearsals and performances. We understand that our personal best is expected of us at all times. SHHS Band also believes in excellence in education. Students of the SHHS Band understand that failure in the classroom is not an option. furthermore, we know continual dedication and acts of professionalism will help achieve all of our goals both musically and otherwise.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence. then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


The members of the SHHS Band are part of a musical family. We understand that our goals of musical excellence and educational excellence are limited when we work as individuals rather then as a team. We are dependent upon each other for the success of our group. Members of the SHHS Band are expected to help each other, in and out of the classroom. We treat each other with respect and care, supporting and encouraging one another in times of despair. Furthermore, we believe3 that we must cooperate and communicate as a family in order to achieve our goals. SHHS Band students also understand that the above is not only necessary for the success of our band program, but also a necessary ingredient for success in life beyond high school and college graduation.


Members of the SHHS Band embrace the responsibility that is expected of them as ambassadors of Sterling Heights High School and Warren Consolidated Schools. Members of the SHHS Band will demonstrate leadership within the school community as well as leadership in the Sterling Heights community at large. Additionally, as model citizens of Sterling Heights High School, we learn from our diversity; diversity of thought, culture, and ethnicity.


We as members of the SHHS Band, have a unique opportunity and obligation as a member of long standing organization of Sterling Heights High School. We understand that the previous members of the SHHS Band have created a standard and an ideal of excellence for us to follow. Furthermore, it is up to the current membership to build from the established excellence and to uphold these standards. We understand that this culture is created by acts of leadership from the membership. Likewise, we believe that the legacy of a leader is truly realized after the individual has graduated and is no longer part of the organization.