Marching Band Uniform: Game 1 and 2

As you know, the marching band is excited to receive our new marching uniforms this season.  They are scheduled to arrive sometime during the first few weeks of the school year.  Additionally, we have two home football games prior to the arrival of the new uniforms.  With the support of the Band Booster Executive Board, we decided that passing out the old uniforms for two games, then recollecting, then distributing the new uniforms for the remainder of the season, was not going to be time well spent.  We have decided to have a modified uniform for the first two home games of the year to keep things a little easier on everyone.  The uniform will be as follows:

  • Marching Stallions shirt:  students will receive at Band Camp and was already paid for with the students band camp tuition
  • Black pants:  Pants may be dress black pants as worn with the concert uniforms, black jeans, black exercise pants/ leggings…any type of black pants (please note that the students will be asked to tuck in their shirt…it may be fluffed out but it will be tucked in)
  • Black marching shoes:  distributed during PreBand Camp if ordered with band camp tuition
  • Black socks

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Imbrunone.